My Mission

I served as a missionary in Sweden for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from May 1978 to June 1980. I chose to donate my time for two years to bear witness to those I contacted the reality of the life and mission of Jesus Christ, including all he has done in restoring his true gospel on the earth in recent times. Although it was many years ago, I still hold stongly to the purpose and memories of that wonderful experience.

This blog is intended to give an overview of my experiences in Sweden, and to offer to anyone interested further information regarding my testimony of Jesus Christ.

My Testimony of Jesus Christ

I have a personal witness or testimony of the reality and divinity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and my Savior. When I have read, studied, pondered and prayed about Jesus Christ and His gospel, I have had the spirit testify to me that He is real and loves me, and though I sometimes stumble, he is always there for me when I truly seek Him. I am thankful for all he has done in creating this world, providing his commandments and gospel, coming to earth and showing the way, and providing redemption for us all through his sacrifice and atonement.

Once when I was a young man I was blessed to be able to portray him in a seminary open house presentation. I received a powerful witness of who he his and what he did for us all. Later on a mission in Sweden, I felt a strong manifestation of his love for me, as if His arm was around my shoulders. Since then, I have had numerous spiritual reminders of His love and the truthfulness of His restored gospel - our way back home to Him and Heavenly Father.

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