My Mission

I served as a missionary in Sweden for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from May 1978 to June 1980. I chose to donate my time for two years to bear witness to those I contacted the reality of the life and mission of Jesus Christ, including all he has done in restoring his true gospel on the earth in recent times. Although it was many years ago, I still hold stongly to the purpose and memories of that wonderful experience.

This blog is intended to give an overview of my experiences in Sweden, and to offer to anyone interested further information regarding my testimony of Jesus Christ.

My Testimony of the Restored Gospel Through Joseph Smith

I have a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith. From an early age I enjoyed and believed in the prophet's story of the first vision, seeing and receiving instruction from God the Father and Jesus Christ. Visiting the Sacred Grove near Palmyra, New York where this vision occured at the age of 12 brought the reality of this great event into my heart. As I grew older and prepared for a mission, I received stronger witnesses of the spirit that Joseph Smith truly was called as a servant of the Lord to help restore that which was lost through the centuries, including priesthood authority and the word of God. His dedicated service and leadership, revelations recieved, and sacrifices to include his life provided a firm foundation of faith for all who would accept this greater measure and fulness of the Lord's gospel.

Having today ongoing revelation and guidance from the Lord through his chosen living prophet and apostles, additional Holy Scripture which compliment and clarify the Holy Bible, and the priesthood authority to participate in saving, eternal ordinances is a wonderful blessing in my life, and a blessing I know is available to all who desire it. It is a blessing meant for everyone, but will only be given to those who will open their hearts to it.

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